Decks and Outdoor Makeovers in Taranaki New Zealand

Decks and Outdoor Makeovers

Are You Thinking About Building a Deck?

Building a deck is a fantastic cost-effective way of adding to the living area of your house.  A new deck can add value to your home, and create a connection from your living areas to the outdoors.  There are some things to think about when building a new deck..

We’ve put down a few thoughts on the types of decking, how to make the most of your deck, as well as whether your deck requires a permit or a complaint handrail.

How to Make the Most of Building your Deck

Rule #1.  Consider how much sun your deck will trap - especially in the winter.  Would you like to use your deck in all weathers? Having a clear roof that allows light through and keeps out the rain is a good option. Windbreaks and privacy screens are great to block that pesky cold southerly and unwanted prying eyes.

Flow from inside to your deck will affect how much you use it. A good deck will be an extension of your primary living area and add to your living space. A well-positioned deck that capitalises on your house layout will get more use and be a real asset to your home.

Another good tip that many people overlook is if you want to fit a dining setting on your deck, then you will need a bare minimum of 3.6m in width to be able to walk around a table when people are seated.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Deck?

Many factors can influence your deck cost.   Consider these.

  • Does an old deck need to be removed?

  • Does your deck require a permit and a compliant balustrade?

  • Does your deck need stairs?

  • How high off the ground is your deck?

  • What type of decking board will you use?

  • Would you like built-in seating?

Decks and Outdoor Makeovers in Taranaki New Zealand

Does your deck need a permit?

Your deck doesn’t need a permit when it is not possible to fall from a height greater than 1.5m

Does your deck need a compliant handrail?

Your deck will need a compliant handrail if it is possible to fall from a height greater than 1m.

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Decks and Outdoor Makeovers in Taranaki New Zealand

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